Self-Publishing Links

To go the traditional route with your unpublished poems, a lot of magazines and contests take submissions through There is also which for a $5 fee lets you research and keep track of submissions.

If you want to self-publish a paperback book visit In order to publish with them, you will need a minimum of 24 pages of poetry, and you are required to distribute on Their default paperback size is 6”x9” inches, and you will need to adjust your document setup to reflect this size and print your pdf to this size. Be sure to include a title page, copyright page, page numbers, and table of contents in your book. KDP will assign you an ISBN. Google is your friend in this process. There are several great sites and videos out there that teach word processing and self-publishing. KDP also has a rigorous help section:

Below are some other useful websites:

If you want to distribute an ebook: or or

If you want to buy a professional review: or

If you want to distribute a poetry album:

If you want to distribute an audiobook:

If you have published a book, you may wish to check out which helps authors file DMCA requests against websites that publish pirated ebooks, or use your book title to lure folks in for scams.

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