(Covid-19) Summer by Juanita J. Martin

Juanita J. Martin
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(Covid-19) Summer by Juanita J. Martin

(Covid-19) Summer by Juanita J. Martin

Beaches are quiet

Except the occasional 

Tide coming in

As the sun burns its way through the atmosphere

No sizzle from the grill

Everyone’s inside— Dreaming of vacations 

they never had as pools of sweat bead

guzzling water clinging to the AC 

or the nearest fan

plugged into their devices the world’s chatter

the latest movie, music, game as we gather around 

work and food in hand, 

measuring the distance of love,

giving virtual hugs without the Hallmark moment

Trying to make sense of it all,

Hoping for a swift end to (Covid-19).

Juanita J. Martin
Juanita J. Martin

Juanita J. Martin is Fairfield’s First Poet Laureate, 2010-2012. She was a longtime member of Redwood Writers, 2007-2017, and is a current member of Napa Valley Writers, Benicia Writers Salon, Ina Coolbrith Circle, and Benicia First Tuesday Poets. Juanita is listed in Poets & Writers Magazine, Directory of Poets. Her poetry book The Lighthouse Beckons was accepted in Solano County Library. Her poetry appears in Blue Collar Review, SoMa Literary Review, Rattlesnake Review, and others. She contributed non-fiction to Sonoma Discoveries Magazine. Juanita reads all over the Bay Area, and has been a featured reader at Beat Poetry Festival, Petaluma Poetry Walk, Berkeley Poetry Festival, and 100 Thousand Poets for Change. When she is not writing or volunteering, Juanita reads on Vallejo Ozcat radio’s ARTbeat or with Benicia First Tuesday Poets.      www.jmartinpoetwriter.com       

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