Wishing Well by Aqueila M. Lewis-Ross

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Wishing Well by Aqueila M. Lewis-Ross

Wishing Well
By Aqueila M. Lewis-Ross

I wish you Love:
We need it today more than ever
As you find your way in this world
You may see the change you want to see
And do something to make a difference without conditions, 
but sometimes change is hard to do and loving is harder still
But love anyway
Find reasons why you should.

I wish you Joy:
It comes from within
It comes when you make peace with who you are, why you are,
and how you are right now in this moment
Just think about all the things you've accomplished until now
You should feel proud
Don't worry, 
all who are here are proud of you! 
And know the reasons why we should

I wish you Peace:
Take some time now to rest before you leap
While becoming a master of anything, you must practice
Repetition becomes easy
Even though conflict, violence, active shooters, polluters, war, 
and death may strike; 
peace sneaks in as a friend you forgot was there along.
Remember when you didn't care what people thought 
and it was easy to compromise? 
You can get back there again
You're the master of your destiny
You know all the reasons why you should.

And I Wish You Well:
Rest your head on the wishing well.
Drop a lucky penny in its healing waters.

Be Well!
Wellness is active
Be aware of your choice
Be healthy
Look forward to a fulfilling life.

Be well!
Forever changed
Set your mind, body, and spirit free
Lets fly and live our lives
Dipped by healing waters.

If you're old, you can be forever young
Just count your Blessings
And name them one by one.

Copyright Aqueila M. Lewis-Ross, September 4, 2019

Aqueila M. Lewis-Ross
Aqueila M. Lewis-Ross

I was born in Berkeley and raised in Vallejo, CA.

Contributing Poet/Author:

Lang, D. L. Verses, Voices, & Visions of Vallejo: A Poetry Anthology, 2019 Poems: “Where Faeries Live”, “Ode to Doria”, “Home Is Where the Heart Is”, “Just Passing Through”, “Power Flow” Pg: 90-94

Aqueila M. Lewis-Ross is a multi-talented, award-winning Bay Area Native well-versed in singing, poetry/spoken word, and journalism. Aqueila has studied and performed throughout the United States, Europe, Japan, and is a graduate of Napa Valley College and University of California, Berkeley. Her book of poetry, Stop Hurting and Dance, published by Pochino Press, is a collection of stories overcoming fear, oppression, gentrification, and police brutality; she honors what it means to live with resilience, love and prosperity.  She holds the titles of Ms. Oakland Plus America 2014, SF Raw Performing Artist of the Year 2015, and was an Oakland Voices-KALW Community Journalist awardee in 2016 and Greater Bay Area Journalism Awardee in 2017.

Vallejo Poetry Society was founded in 2018 by Erika Snyder, Daniel Badiali, and D.L. Lang to serve as a resource for local poets. We encourage you to join our mailing list and follow us on social media for the most up to date event announcements, networking with other poets, and publication opportunities.
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