Please submit a brief bio, your author photo, and 1 poem for consideration to be shared on our blog. If you’re from Vallejo, California, or Solano County, please note that in your bio.

We’ll accept poets from anywhere. We will accept previously published work, so long as you still have the rights to reprint the work. You’ll still own your poem after we print it.

The submission will be reviewed by our editors. One poet will be scheduled per month and posted on the first of each month shortly after midnight.

Please make sure you have checked over your poem and bio for any typos, grammar and spelling errors because they will be posted as is, and once posted, we will not make changes. Try if such things are not your personal strong suit. Poem can be of any length.

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What do we mean by family friendly? We will not post submissions containing curse words, prejudice of any kind, gory violence or explicit sexuality.

Please keep these guidelines in mind when submitting even if you have a wide diversity of subject matter in your broader catalogue for readers to discover outside of our blog.

If you submit more than one poem, only one will be chosen. If we reject your submission due to our content guidelines, we may ask for a different poem.