As of March 15, due to the coronavirus pandemic the CDC is recommending cancelling and postponing gatherings of over 50 people, and cancelling any gatherings in venues that cannot meet the 6 foot per person social distancing rules for the next eight weeks.

For the latest updates regarding COVID-19, Solano County residents are encouraged to visit:

As a result, many local poetry events have been cancelled, venues have closed, and the events calendar has been removed from this site. It will be reinstated when the crisis has been averted.

We recognize that this crisis puts a major dent in the income of poets and other performers who rely on venue spaces to make a living, and recommend that if you can spare it, please buy some books or a spoken word album from your favorite local poet’s website.

We recommend that poets heed these warnings by public health officials, stay home when possible and use the spare time to write and take care of themselves. One day we will all be able to get together in person and share our love of poetry again.